Dato’ Mohd Azizulhasni Awang

National Track Cyclist & Olympian


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Dato’ Mohd Azizulhasni Awang is an accomplished track cyclist who, despite his small stature, has been on of the rising stars in Malaysian sports. His nickname “The Pocket Rocketman” accurately describes the explosive power his produces when he is on the track and he gone to win several international cycling competitions throughout his career including two podium finishes at the Olympics.

Born in the coastal town of Dungun in state of Terengganu, Azizulhasni was initially drawn towards skateboarding in his youth. However, his life took a turn for the better after he was advised by his first coach Rozimi Omar to focus his efforts on cycling instead. A brilliant student in his own right, he was given a choice to enroll either in a boarding school that specialises in science or the national sport school. He chose the latter, as it aligned with his interest in cycling and ultimate ambition of becoming a physician or athlete.

Even though he was constantly looked down upon for his small stature, Azizulhasni was determined to prove naysayers wrong and that size is not a limitation. He sacrificed much of his time and youth, forgoing visiting his family just to prove that size matters not.

Azizulhasni’s career as a national cyclist is filled with memorable wins. Two of his greatest achievement include winning a gold medal at the 2017 UCI Track Cycling World Championships in 2017 and taking home the silver medal at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. In addition, he won the silver medal at the 2009 World Championships and another silver at the 2010 World Championships in the keirin category.