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Eagle Syndrome: The Forgotten Entity

Muhamad Ariff Sobani

Congenital Bilateral Dacryocystocele with Nasal Pyriform Aperture Stenosis

Muhammad Harith bin Mohamed Rouse

Newborn with Abnormal Noisy Breathing– Accidentally Finding of Aryepiglottic Cyst.


Two Attempts, Two Ways

Abdul Hafeez Asyraf Bin Abdul Mohsin Rejaludin

Acne Vulgaris Complicated To Nasal Abscess With Preseptal Cellulitis In A Covid-19 Patient

Ahmad Mahfuz Zamaili

Assessment Of Vestibulotoxicity Of Henna Leaf (Lawsonia Inermis) In A Rat Animal Model


Effect of Health Messages during Dental Treatment in Improving COVID-19 Preventive Health Behaviour: A Randomised Controlled Trial

Normaliza Ab Malik

Total Dose Infusion Among Antenatal Mothers with Iron Deficiency Anaemia (IDA) in Seremban District Government Health Clinics During Pandemic the COVID-19 Pandemic

Nabihah Shamsuddin¹

Leaving Cancer While Living with COVID-19: A Case Report.

Siti Hajariah Kamarrudin

Opportunities in the midst of COVID-19 Crisis: Lessons Learned from a District Health Office.

Fatimah Ahmad Fauzi

Base of Tongue Osseus Choristoma: A Rare Case Report

Redha Asyrafi AbRahman

Right Buccal Angiofibroma Mimicking Pyogenic Granuloma

Redha Asyrafi AbRahman

Sphenoid Mucocele Mimicking an Orbital Apex Syndrome

Mohd Zul Izzi Bin Fauzi

Meningism look alike Annona Muricata (Graviola) Poisoning

Zainul Ikhwan Ahmad Khusairi

Quadriceps Femoris Ultrasonography: A Tool to Assess Nutritional Status and Prognosticate Mortality Outcome in Adult Mechanically Ventilated Patients

Zulaikha Zahir

Identification of The Use of Substances Among Orthodontic Patients

Asma Alhusna Abang Abdullah

Covid19-ICU Visiting and Family Communication In End of Life Patients: HPUPM Experience

Aizad Azahar

Modification Of Endoscopic Montgomery T-Tube Insertion: The Challenge in Managing Difficult Airway

Norazila Abdul Rahim

Case Report: Eclampsia in a Post COVID-19 Patient

Ehsan Rosdi¹

Deep Throat Saliva as Alternative Specimen for Detection of SARS-CoV-2 Using RT-PCR

Suhana Hashim

Urine Culture Contamination among Infants

Suhana Hashim

Tuberculous Laryngitis Mimicking Residual Glottic Carcinoma in COVID 19 Patient

Norazila Abdul Rahim

Humorous Reader’s Comments to a Post on Facebook Page About the Accurate Way to Measure Body Temperature in the Effort to Curb COVID-19 Transmission.

Rasyqah Ifah Ahmad Zaimi

A Qualitative Survey on Psychological Experiences Among Malaysian COVID-19 Patients

Hana Maizuliana Solehan