Dr. Ishak Mas’ud

MBBS (WA), MRCP (Ire.)
Head, Islamic Hospital Consortium Section of FIMA


Islamic Hospital Consortium (IHC) Symposium – What Is Ibadah Friendly Hospital?


Dr. Ishak Masud is a distinguished medical professional with an impressive track record in both medicine and community service. Holding an MBBS from the University of Western Australia (1983) and an MRCP from Ireland (1988), his educational journey began in the Medical Faculty of the University of Western Australia in Perth and culminated with his postgraduate studies in Ireland.

In the early stages of his medical career, Dr. Ishak gained clinical experience at the Melaka General Hospital, initially as a houseman and later as a medical officer. His passion for teaching took him to the University of Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) in Kuala Lumpur, where he served as a Trainee Lecturer, and eventually rose through the ranks to become an Associate Professor of Medicine. His expertise in gastroenterology led him to the University of Bristol, UK, for specialized training.

Since 1998, Dr. Ishak has been contributing to Al-Islam Specialist Hospital, first as a Consultant Physician in Gastroenterology and later as the Hospital Director. As of March 2023, he has expanded his leadership roles, becoming the Director of Pusat Jagaan Al-Islam under Wiramatics Sdn. Bhd., and a Lecturer for the Postgraduate Certificate in Islamic Chaplaincy.

Outside of his clinical and administrative roles, Dr. Ishak is deeply committed to community and professional services. He has held several notable positions, such as the President of the Islamic Student Association at the University of Western Australia, Founder President of the Islamic Medical Association Malaysia, and key roles within the Federation of Islamic Medical Associations. He’s also a dedicated contributor to the concept of Ibadah Friendly Hospitals, leading numerous seminars and workshops on implementing Islamic principles in healthcare.

His commitment to enhancing the quality of healthcare services is evident in his published works. Dr. Ishak has authored and co-authored several publications, including the pioneering work “Ibadah Friendly Hospital (IFH)” and research articles focusing on the integration of Islamic principles in healthcare. Through his multifaceted career and service to the community, Dr. Ishak stands as a beacon of dedication, innovation, and leadership in the medical field.