Az-Zahrawi Memorial Lecture

Islamic Input in Medical Education and Healthcare Practice: Challenges and The Way Forward

Prof. Emeritus Dato’ Dr. Md. Tahir Md. Azhar

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Opening Remarks

Introduction of Day 1

Dr. Elsa Haniffah Mejia Mohamed

Opening remarks by IMAM & FIMA Presidents

Introduction of Day 1

Dr. Muhamad Yusri Musa

Symposium 1

Muslim Women Leadership in Healthcare & Nation Building

Professor Datuk Dr. Harlina Halizah Siraj, Dr. Azizan Abdul Aziz, Pn. Anita Ahmad, Professor Dr. Hajaratu Umar Sulayman, Dr. Muhamad Yusri Musa

Plenary 1

Overview of NCDs among Muslims

Prof Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman