Level of Satisfaction of Clinical Clerkship Students on Small Group Learning in Preparation for Clinical Clerkship

Author: Paduppai, S., Fujiko, M., Amir, N.A., Effendy, R.A., Hamzah, P.N.


Objectives: Clinical clerkship is a phase where medical students are required to deepen and implement the theory and skills acquired during the preclinical period in the hospital or healthcare center. Small Group Learning (SGL) is recalling method of learning the theoretical basis in each part of clerkship. The aim of this study is to describe the level of student satisfaction with Small Group Learning, including syllabus, presentation and suitability from student’s prespective.

Methods: Every student who has completed the SGL session will fill out a questionnaire using Google Form media. 

Results: Two hundred of clinical clerkship students from each department, 96.5% of students stated that SGL syllabus was suitable during the clinical clerkship, 70.5% stated that the presentation of SGL was given very well, and 85% stated that the schedule was suitable.

Conclusions: Clinical clerkship student’s level of satisfaction is well among all parameters. Therefore, they have a good perspective from SGL during their preclinical period. A good SGL implies better knowledge provision through SGL.


Keywords: Clinical clerkship student, Small Group Learning, satisfaction level, Faculty of Medicine


  1. Medical Faculty of Universitas Muslim Indonesia, Makassar, Indonesia 
  2. Ibnu Sina Hospital, YW-UMI, Makassar, Indonesia 


Correspondence to: Nur Aulia Amir, Amir, N.A., Medical Faculty of Universitas Muslim Indonesia, Makassar, Indonesia, [email protected]