Datuk Dr. Nor Fariza Ngah

MBBS (Mal), MSc (OPH)
Deputy Director General of Health, Research and Technical Support, MOH


Plenary 2 – The Role of Clinical Research in Combating NCD


Dr. Fariza Ngah is an esteemed medical professional hailing from Malaysia, with a distinguished career spanning numerous roles in the field of ophthalmology. Born on September 21, 1966, she is a proud Malaysian and a dedicated family person, married with three children. She currently holds the position of Deputy Director General of Health, focusing on Research and Technical Support, at the Ministry of Health Malaysia, stationed at the Federal Government Administrative Centre in Putrajaya.

Beginning her academic journey with an MBBS from Malaysia between 1986 and 1991, Dr. Fariza pursued postgraduate studies at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, attaining a Master’s in Ophthalmology. Her pursuit of excellence took her to Moorfield Eye Hospital in London in 2003, where she specialized in Medical Retina and Uveitis. Recognized for her expertise, she was later honored with fellowships from the Academy of Medicine in both Singapore and Malaysia in 2019.

Throughout her professional journey, Dr. Fariza has held multiple esteemed positions including the National Head of Ophthalmology Service for the Ministry of Health Malaysia, and Head of the Ophthalmology Department at Hospital Shah Alam. Her leadership roles extended to the domains of clinical research, as evidenced by her tenure as the Head of Clinical Research Center at Hospital Shah Alam. She was also the President of the College of Ophthalmologists in Malaysia from 2018 to 2023.

A hallmark of her career is her active participation in both national and international research studies. She has been the principal investigator for several global studies and has played advisory roles in multiple research committees, including serving as an advisor for the Ophthalmology Research Committee, MOH. Furthermore, she has established pivotal medical programs, such as the Retinal Disease Awareness Program and the Medical Retina and Uveitis Services in the Ministry of Health. Dr. Fariza’s expertise is not just limited to clinical settings, as she also actively contributes to the academic community as an editor for the Malaysia Journal Of Ophthalmology and as a peer reviewer for various international journals.

In essence, Dr. Fariza Ngah stands as a pillar in the field of ophthalmology, with a rich tapestry of experiences ranging from clinical practice to research and academic contributions. She is not only a leader but also a mentor, trainer, and visionary, driving innovations and setting benchmarks in the realm of eye care. Her dedication and commitment make her a prized asset to the medical fraternity, both in Malaysia and globally.